Diversity Owned Company

"In May 1988, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) issued General Order 156 (GO 156). Under GO 156, all investor-owned electric, gas, water and telecommunication utility companies with gross annual revenues in excess of $25 million and their regulated subsidiaries and affiliates, are to develop and implement programs to increase the utilization of woman and minority owned businesses. Voluntary procurement goals of 5% for women and 15% for minorities were initially established, and later expanded to include a goal of 1.5% for service-disabled veterans.

Electrical Inspection

Certification of eligible suppliers was designed to encourage, recruit, and utilize woman and minority owned businesses by participating utilities.

The Clearinghouse is a Commission-supervised entity whose primary purpose is to audit and verify the status of woman and minority owned businesses, and to establish and maintain a database of woman, minority, and service disabled veteran owned businesses that is accessible to the CPUC and to participating utilities. The Clearinghouse audit and verification program precludes the need for individual utilities to audit and verify woman and minority owned businesses with whom they do business." - The Supplier Clearinghouse

CALINC Services has worked with several utlilty companies for projects with set aside spending with diversity owned firms under the Supplier Clearninghouse. We are a proud particpant in this certifcation program and look forwaring to helping solve your contracting solutions!